Organisation de La Traction SA

La Traction SA was founded on 4th July 1991 with registered office in Montfaucon (Pré-Petitjean)  The company is the contractual partner of the Chemins de fer du Jura, and is owner of the rolling stock and buildings.

Although a limited company, La Traction SA is non profit-making. It has no staff and its directors are volunteers, just like the active members belonging to the society La Traction SE.

La Traction SA:  Board of directors

Emanuel Gogniat, chairman

Joël Vallat, treasurer

Célien Hoehn, vice-chairman

Pascal Vuille, member

Alexandre de Pover, member

The shareholders nominate members of the Board of directors on the proposal of the latter and after consulting the annual general meeting of the volunteers’ society (La Traction SE).

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 La Traction SA statutes (French only)

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