La Traction SE

The operating society, La Traction SE, comprises the active and support members.

All the work necessary to enable La Traction to run smoothly is carried out by the members of La Traction SE (rolling stock and building maintenance, train operation, admin, etc.)

There are about 90 members of La Traction SE, about half of whom are active.

La Traction welcomes anyone interested in participating in its activities. Training can be provided.

La Traction was founded on 23rd April 1993 as "Patrimoine ferroviaire jurassien (PFJ)”, and changed its name to La Traction SE in 1995.

La Traction SE, Committee

Martin Gay, President

Leni Matray, Vice-president

Jérôme Mugny, secretary

Philippe Broquet, treasurer

Emanuel Gogniat, member


Additional information about members’ activities and how to join.

 La Traction SE statutes (French only)