Glovelier – Saignelégier (25 km)

This stretch of line was originally built to standard gauge and steam operated until 1953. Just after leaving the SBB station of Glovelier, you can see the engine shed of the former Régional Saignelégier-Glovelier (RSG) on the left. Between Glovelier and Saignelégier there is a climb of 500 metres to be overcome.

At the switchback station of Combe-Tabeillon, the locomotive is coupled to the other end of the train. This is a good opportunity to take photos, but watch out for regular trains passing!  We continue to climb.

The train passes through several tunnels and along a rocky precipice above Combe-Tabeillon, passing the former halts at Sceut and Fondeval (formerly Saint-Brais), reaching the crossing station of Bollemont (formerly Saulcy), where the engine takes on water.

From this halt there is a good view of the nature reserve and lake fed by the Tabeillon. The train continues to the halt of La Combe (formerly Lajoux) on the magnificent walking route from Saignelégier to Glovelier.

The train attacks the last climb and passes near the lake of Plain-de-Saigne (nature reserve belonging to the commune of Montfaucon) before arriving at Pré-Petitjean station (formerly Montfaucon).

Just before the station, on the right hand side as we come out of the cutting, the sidings and workshops of La Traction can be seen.

The village of Montfaucon lies above us on the hilltop. We have now arrived on the Franches-Montagnes plateau !

The train continues effortlessly towards Le Bémont and reaches the station at Saignelégier soon afterwards.

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