Tavannes – Le Noirmont (23km)

The climb from Tavannes to Tramelan attains 40‰ (1 in 25): from Tramelan to Les Reussilles and from Les Breuleux to Breuleux-Eglise it’s even steeper, at 50‰ (1 in 20). At Les Breuleux, the climb is followed immediately by a descent at 44‰.

After leaving the industrial town of Tavannes on a viaduct, the line climbs through pastureland. From the station at Orange to Tramelan the line is almost level. The CJ workshops are based at Tramelan.

The climb, characterised by tight curves, starts immediately on leaving the platform end at Tramelan. After Les Reussilles the line passes meadows and pastures before crossing the nature reserve of La Grande Tourbière. We reach La-Chaux-des-Breuleux and Les Breuleux.

The line passes through pastures and forests, just as beautiful, on the descent towards Le Noirmont, where the steam train arrives gently after a thrilling and lively two-hour journey.

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